Shiny Solutions Cleaning mission is to offer comprehensive commercial cleaning, renovation, remodeling services to businesses across South Bay, CA and surrounding areas. Our services cater to various commercial facilities, including shopping centers, retail stores, offices, and warehouses.  

We pride ourself on having a skilled and dependable team of experts who can handle all aspect of commercial maintenance and repairs, from the smallest to the most extensive projects. We understand that your time is valuable, and that is why we are the smart choice for your commercial maintenance needs.

Differentiate your commercial property by remodeling your business.

Shiny Solutions Cleaning is here to assist you in remodeling your commercial property, making it appealing to potential lessees. We are committed to collaborating with you in every step, ensuring that we meet and exceed your remodeling expectations


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Don't let emergency repairs stop you from running your business.

At Shiny Solutions Cleaning, we understand that emergency repairs can occur at any time. Entrust us, the commercial property maintenance experts, with the responsibility of ensuring your business operates seamlessly. With our dedicated team, we guarantee that your premises will be at top-notch for your employees and clients

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Renovations will keep your business running. 

Shiny Solutions is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of your commercial property. Allow us to assist you in staying on top of renovations and preventing your property from deteriorating. By providing regular maintenance, we can help prolong the longevity of your commercial property. 


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Clean Planning

Tells us about what you are trying to accomplish.

Clean Execution

We ensure that we meet deadline goals and keep you informed.

Clean Results